Sinuta Group gives Extraordinary Support to All Employees | 19/12/2022

2022 was a particularly difficult year, when operation costs increased sharply in all companies.

However, to face the growing expenses due to inflation and increase in energy costs, Sinuta Group will give a 300€ extraordinary support to all its employees. This amount will be reflected in the December 2022 pay slip.

Employees that joined the Group throughout 2022 will receive the proportional amount to the period worked.

This decision was taken considering the current situation and in order to support all employees and their families.

This support was announced together with other initiatives, within the Group’s People Management Policy for 2023, that include, among other, the birthday day off, focused in the support of employees and creation of dinamics that leverage their well-being, their motivation and, consequently, their contribution to the sustained growth of the Group’s companies.